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Keish to Winthrop- June 27, 2004

June 27, 2004
Dear Uncle Winthrop,
It’s not that we don’t think you’re capable of helping, it’s that you don’t use magic and this is, you must allow, a distinctly magical problem.
You are right, though, that Arri probably thought you would try to stop her, but she’s right on this.  She’s doing what she needs to do.
Don’t you see?  With her resistance to magic, Arri is the one best suited to get Liop back.
They are both safe, for now at least.  I’ve been able to use divining to see them and Imato has, through that, cast wards on both of them.  His wards are the strongest I’ve ever seen-- it would seem that they are his particular talent.  Trena says it has to do with Uncle Quin’s magic, which is dormant and deeply buried but protective in nature.
I continue to check on Arri and Liop, as does Imato.  He’ll know if anything breaches his wards.
(It may amuse you to know that Liop is giving the fairies quite as much trouble as he gives the rest of us.  He is not at all afraid, only curious.)
Also, Mendel Westridge has gone after Arri.  (Though it may be better not to relay this information to Mendel’s parents.)  Nysa has probably already told you about the traveling spell and the bridle.  I think he will be able to help Arri.
We will get them back-- both Arri and Liop.

We Brios are quite finished losing a child every generation.

Love Always,

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