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Keish- May 6, 2004 (The 100th letter!)

May 6, 2004

Dear Arri,
I’ve had no fewer than five maids approach me today.  It’s maddening.
The more proper ones come in and start cleaning, then begin to drop subtle hints about the rigors of setting up a new household.  And of course the importance of good servants in such an endeavor.
Less subtle ones come out and ask if I’ve a housekeeper yet, or should they apply directly to me.
The most audacious one was a nursery maid who came to inform me that she would be available in a little over six months (due to her young charge having a birthday and thereby graduating out of her care) and that it really is best to have a nursery maid in place well ahead of time.  Can you believe the nerve?!  I’ll admit to being outspoken, but really.  Even I found that a bit shocking.
Gretel just laughs at me.  Of course.
She’s had some maids come to her too-- mostly girls looking for a way to get out of Adya-- but as soon as she says that her mother wants to interview maids for her, most of them change their minds.
I’ve been telling them I’m not planning to set up a new household right away.  Why would I?  I have a whole suite of rooms-- the whole floor is technically mine.  Jace has no problem with it, and Papa of course loves the idea, so why go through the bother of moving?
Tonight Imato started trying to lecture my about being the lady of the house and taking my responsibilities more seriously and such.
I sweetly told him I’d be sure to send the next nursery maid his way.  That stopped him.

May 7th
I just received your letter.  I’m glad you’re okay.
You are okay, right?

Imato is penning a rather strongly worded letter to the city watch.  Too strongly worded, apparently-- Gretel just took it away from him and he’s starting over.
He already wrote one for you.  Sorry, I can’t get it away from him.  (He knows I’d make sure it isn’t sent.)  Feel free to ignore any pushy, unreasonable dictates he sends your way.

Have you talked to Phyfe?  Is everything okay?  Is he okay?  Bricks haven’t been detaching themselves from random buildings and following him, right?
We should probably find out what it is about him that keeps causing spells to attach themselves to him.  Perhaps we could have Brynn visit with him.  She may be able to figure it out.

With the wedding less than a month away, we’re finalizing all of our decisions tonight.  As a result, Gretel is making Imato take a more active role in her their wedding planning.  I’m not sure he’s enjoying it.  He does seem a bit more sympathetic to what I’ve dealt with the past few months, though.

May 8th
Met with Master Byra today.  We’re thinking of having a couple of classes over the summer.  After all, Jace, Tish and I have no real teaching experience, so it would be good to practice.  We’re spending the rest of the month finalizing plans then in June, after the wedding of course, we’ll meet with the other teachers and tutors so they can give us some instructions about teaching.  The summer classes will begin the first of July and run about six weeks.  Then we’ll have a couple of weeks before the actual term starts.  Of course we’ll have to take several days off to be in Rousha, but that will be fine.  It’s just a couple of practice courses.

I can’t believe your test is so soon.  I hope you’re getting lots of studying done, but without overdoing it.
I suppose I should leave this letter short so that it’s not just another distraction for you.

How is your father?  Has there been any change yet at all?  Gretel and I plan to visit him when we’re in Rousha for the wedding.  I don’t suppose there’s any way for him to attend.  It’s so sad.

Oh, I almost forgot about the meadow you visited!  I’m sure you probably haven’t had time to investigate further, but maybe you can go there again after you take your exam.  How ever did you end up there to begin with  It’s very strange, though I guess no more so than anything else that happens to us.

Love Always,


PS I think you may be on to something with the idea of turning Liop into a tree.  I found half a spell lingering around the breakfast room yesterday.  I still haven’t figured out what it is, but it’s definitely Liop’s.

PPS  Three more maids today.  I’m going to have to do something about this.

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