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Arri- May 26, 2004

May 26, 2004
Dear Keish,

Ryland March sounds like an interesting person. I wonder how the fairies made a mistake. It doesn’t seem like they make mistakes very often. I wonder what kind of a mistake it is. Having him and his sister nearby, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. Maybe you could take Malia on as your maid. Then again, you said she likes working with kids, so maybe a teaching position will be better. You’ll just have to meet her and see how well educated she is. Orphan girls usually don’t get much education.
I can understand why Imato and you are having such hard times choosing whom to hire. It would be such a hard decision!
I have not talked to Phyfe at all. If he wanted to talk to me, I’m sure he would have come by. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to say anyway.
Tomorrow morning they will post the results of the exam on the door of the Language Arts Building where anyone who wants to may see them. Why can’t they just mail them to us? I can’t sleep…

May 27

This morning, after pacing the floor for a couple of hours, the cab I had arranged for arrived to take me to Rousha University. I arrived about fifteen minutes after the scores were posted. Several people, including Mendel were already there, reading the scores and discussing them with each other. Mendel waved to me, but didn’t interrupt as I found my name on the list: Arrietta Fae Etautca -- 85% Pass. I was so relieved that I actually started shaking. I figured Mendel had already looked at my score so why not look at his? Further down the list I found it: Mendel Westridge -- 91% Pass. I don’t think Mendel really goes fishing. He must really be studying in the mornings. But why hide it? Almost at the bottom was Gordo Yawmus -- 99%. I guess that proves why the Prince gave him a scholarship. I looked around to congratulate him, but he wasn’t around. The scores will be posted for three days, so I guess he doesn’t have to be in a hurry to get his score. He was confident he passed anyway.
“Congratulations, Arri!” shouted Mendel, “you did it!”
“You got a high score,” I observed, feeling embarrassed.
“Well, I have more free than you do,” said Mendel carelessly, “and our young friend Yawmus beat us both by quite a lot, and your score is higher than the average.” He was right about that. Most people scored in the 70s. I guess this isn’t the kind of test someone takes if they think they will fail, so almost everyone passed.
It’s such a relief to know that I passed! I was terrified to facing Master Imkell if I failed.
From Rousha campus I walked to Taty’s home. I picked up a bouquet of multicolored tulips from the florist on the way for her birthday present. We had a lovely lunch.

It’s early evening and I’m exhausted from not sleeping much last night. Uncle Winthrop, Nysa, Liop, and I will leave early tomorrow morning for Odsreq. After spending one full day with the Westridges and Glory and Moonstone, we will leave for Adya and your wedding. This letter will beat me to Adya, but probably only by one day. Still, I thought you’d like to get the results of the test as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to your wedding so much! It’s going to be beautiful! I’m so happy for you.! I will see you soon!


P.S. I suppose you are right. I really should talk to Phyfe… but I don’t know how or when.

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