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Jace-- February 16, 2004

February 16, 2004

Master Byra,

I understand you will soon be looking for teachers in Adya. I would appreciate it if you would consider me. Please see Lord Adlen Leilani as a personal reference-- he will vouch for my suitability.

I will be leaving for Adya in two days time and should arrive midday the 20th.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would not speak to Lady Lakeisha until after I have seen her that evening.

Gratefully yours

Jace Pren

February 16, 2004

Dear Lord Adlen,

As we discussed when you were in Rousha, I am preparing to leave for Adya on the 18th. I should arrive midday on the 20th. Is there any way I could see you without Keish knowing I’m there? Perhaps Gretel could keep her occupied?

There are things I wish to discuss with you privately and then I’d like to surprise Keish at her birthday celebration. I’m sure Gretel would be a willing participant.

I have written to Master Byra. I wish to take a position with him in Adya. I have found my purpose in life, just as Keisha has. I used your name as you suggested, so I would imagine he will come to see you.

Thank you for all of your help.


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