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Arri- Sept. 18, 2003 to Liop

September 18, 2003

Dear Liop,

What were you thinking?!? You should have talked to me first—if you wanted to go so badly, we could have written Keish first and gotten permission. You scared me half to death! Nozama wadded your note up and hid it in the flowerpot so that I didn’t find it until the next day. In the mean time Prince Tulson and Mendel had half the town out searching the forest for you. Aegolius was terrified; he kept trying to tell me things, but I couldn’t understand him. Cook’s husband caught a cold out searching all night. We were sure you’d been kidnapped. If you ever do that again I’ll… well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m sure Imato thought of some things to do when you showed up. I guess he probably lectured you better than I ever could.

Well, for now I want you to stay close to Keish and don’t wander off. You do everything she tells you, and if I have my way, she’ll keep you scrubbing hallways all month so that you don’t get the idea that sneaking off is fun. Also, I intend to walk you to school from now on. If I don’t, I’ll spend the rest of my days worried about whether you arrived safely.

Why didn’t you take Nozama? He’s been searching all over the cottage for you and hasn’t chased Kestrel around for days—not that Kestrel minds. Actually, it might have been good for them, because last night Nozama crept into my room and curled up next to Kestrel to sleep. I was sure she’d hiss or scratch at him, but she only blinked a little and went back to sleep. Poor Nozama! He’s been acting very forlorn, so that even Kestrel feels sorry for him, and Cook gave him an extra orange with dinner.

I hope that you’re being good and helping Keish and Uncle Adlen out with anything they are doing. Once again, stay where you are! Don’t go anywhere alone. Keish says it’s not safe. Take care of yourself.


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