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Gretel- Sept. 20, 2003

September 20th

Dear Arri

We’ve had a bit of excitement here. Lakeisha, whom we both know doesn’t always think about what is good for her, did a simple divining spell after receiving your letter; but unfortunately, her power is greater than we knew. The spell came on so strong that she collapsed right there. Luckily, Liop had been helping her with it, and he ran and found me and told me everything that had happened. It was really quite lucky that he was with her. Since he’s come she’s taught him a few little things, and he’s caught on very quickly, so he had some idea what was wrong. We got her into bed, and Liop and I have been attending her, since she hasn’t woken up yet. We’ve had to make up an excuse to tell Lord Adlen; she doesn’t want him to know what’s really going on until it all gets sorted out.

She’ll be fine, thankfully. Liop and I did some research and she should wake up this evening. If not, we’ve sent a message to Brynn, rather discreetly of course, and if Keish doesn’t wake up we’ll send for her to come as swiftly as she can. (She is visiting friends near the sea for a few days.)

Liop says to tell you that Keish said it was okay if you didn’t get her warnings in time and that Mendel knowing about the griffin trap was probably what bothered her. She could tell he was keeping something hidden and that worried her. He also says for you to go to Mendel’s home if anything should happen, since the prince isn’t there. He says Keish said that would be the safest thing if there was any trouble. Not that she thought there would be, but just in case.

When you send Hermes back with a response, I‘ll have Keish write. I’m going to make her rest before she tries to do anything. (You’ll notice that I’m writing on the back of a note Keish left her father-- it seemed the only way to get Hermes to carry it. Liop may be under the impression that he talked Hermes into it, though.)

Imato and Liop both send their love, as do I.


Dear Arri,

Sorry I scared you, Nozama wasn’t supposed to hide the note. Guess what, Keish helped me learn to talk to animals! She said that it must be a natural gift because most people can’t do it. Gretel is glad I can, though, because I talked Hermes into taking these, even though they are from us, instead of Keish. It wasn’t an interesting conversation, though. All he wanted to talk about was birdseed. Every time I tried to talk about something else, Hermes would just peregrinate back to birdseed. I know you like him, but he’s brobdingnagianly boring after a while. Keish says Uncle Winthrop could talk to animals too! I wonder if he doesn’t do it because their all edacious like Hermes. She found out a few things about the Brio family, but I forget what all of them were, so she will have to tell you. She also said that the bad luck is sort of a myth, but I forget all the stuff she said about that too. All I remember is she said you shouldn’t worry about it.

Gretel says I have to end now so that Hermes can leave. She also says to send Hermes back quick since Keish will be anxious to write.

I miss you.


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