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Winthrop to Keish- March 9, 2004

March 9, 2004

Dear Lakeisha,

Your ability to jump to conclusions is amazing. I never had possession of the mirror and did not know the Chronicle was missing until we returned from Onoff. As for their placement, I will refer you to Trena of Solutuns. If you do not know how to contact her, I believe Nysa can help you. The lioness and I have not spoken since she suggested I jump from a griffon’s cliff. Just because I can speak to animals does not mean they do my bidding. If I had known about the attempts of Gessair on your life, you can be sure that I would not have encouraged you to confront him. I would have done that myself.

As for my use of magic: yes, since the incident in the cave I have been placing wards around the cottage and the apartment. I wouldn’t need them, if it weren’t for the constant haze of magic Nysa, Arri, and Liop leave from their spell-casting. I expect Nysa knows about them. I haven’t asked her. If she hasn’t told Arri (and thereby you), it isn’t my fault.

What exactly were you doing that disrupted my wards the other night? If you’re demanding to know why I have them, then I demand to know why you need to disrupt them.

I have not lied to you; I stand by my beliefs. Magic is dangerous, much more so than anything else you could choose to practice. More than one magician has been killed by her own magic, and I pray everyday that you won’t be next.

Please be a little more careful before accusing me of hypocrisy. I hope I have outgrown that weakness.

Your uncle,


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