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Keish to Winthrop- March 7, 2004

March 7, 2004

Dear Uncle Winthrop,

How dare you.

How long have you been using magic? Or did you never really stop?

It was you. You’ve been in contact with the Lioness. You knew where I would have to go and what I would have to do. You made arrangements for her to leave the book with Darius and the mirror in the cave.

I should have known. We wondered how Darius got the Chronicle. He seemed to know I was coming. Were you responsible for leading me there, too? It was too dangerous to leave the Chronicle in the cave with the mirror, so you arranged for me to get it elsewhere.

How dare you lecture Arri and me about using magic. At least we don’t lie about it.

You are going to tell us everything. Whether you like it or not.

And don’t tell me not to give orders to my elders. You lost that argument when you started lying to us about everything. You even lied to my Father.

You arranged everything and then still had the nerve to be unhappy in the cave. You knew exactly what was going on, and you weren’t happy with me.

I want an explanation. I’m demanding one.

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