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Gretel-- January 22, 2004

January 22, 2004

Dear Arri,

I’m sending this by express messenger care of Prince Tulson, who solemnly promises, under threats of all sort from Keish, that it will get to you no later than the 25th.

I hope you enjoy this gown. Keish helped me pick the design and colors. We decided the green would match your eyes, and the gold belt looks so elegant. The cream across the bottom is embroidered with golden branches and flowers inspired by the drawings Keish saw in the Fairy book your mother made for you. We’ll make sure you have help lacing the gold cord up the back. I’m planning to send one of the lady’s maids my mother insists on bringing over to you.

Don’t worry about the silk-- Keish has enchanted it not to stain and she enchanted the hems so they won’t rip. She said you’d be glad to hear that, though of course, we both think you’ll do splendidly at the ball.

Keish also assures me the fit should be perfect. She managed to get all of your measurements while she was with you. She says that was why Brynn was laughing so hard the day she was trying to explain what lessons she wanted you to start with-- Keish was around the corner “zinging” (Keish’s word) spells into the room like “possessed measuring tapes” to get all your measurements. She assures me the spells are completely accurate, but I made sure Tulson could give you access to the royal tailors for a more precise fitting if needed.

Thank you so much for what you said to Imato-- I can’t wait to really have a sister!



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