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Gretel-- Dec. 30, 2003 (sent with Keish's 1/4/04 letter)

December 30, 2003
Dear Arri,
I don't think Imato is even reading my letters. Did he open the package I sent with Lord Adlen?
I'm sure Keish will tell you what a state I'm in. Suddenly I'm questioning everything. Did he ever love me at all?
Please talk to him. Father doesn't understand why he won't come back to Adya now that your Uncle is her to take care of things. He even asked if something had happened between us to cause this change in Imato. It wasn't something I did, was it? Please, tell him I love him and I'll even come to him if he truly doesn't want to finish his training. If he's found a better path, my father will understand that. If it is something I've done, please tell me so I can correct it!
I miss him so, and I miss having Liop here and for a long time now I've missed reading your letters.
I know Imato is stubborn and maybe he won't listen to anyone, but will you try? I always wanted a sister and hoped that’s what you would someday be. I still hope that.
Give my love to everyone.

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