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Jace's Letter Home- November 29, 2003

November 29, 2003
Dear Taty,

I hope you are still doing well. Keish has received a letter from Arri, and it seems Brynn and Liop will likely travel to Odsreq soon. Perhaps you can accompany them and continue on home, if you are ready to go home. I suppose Father will make the trip to Adya for the solstice, though, so you could probably just remain until then and return home with him.

I'm sure Brynn has told you about the cave we found several days ago and the man we met. In some ways it was unnerving-- he almost seemed to know more about where we are going than we do.

Keish often spends the evenings trying to discover the enchantment on the book he gave her. It must be very strong indeed, for she hasn't been able to figure it out yet. It seems strange to discover something she can't do magically. Everything else is so effortless for her. She has been controlling it a little better lately, though I still laugh at her for lapses sometimes. I know I said before that I would only find it funny under different circumstances, but Keish has been much more herself lately and I find myself much more cheerful as a result. Traveling seems to agree with us both.

Really, I'm generally happy as long as she is. When she becomes somber and withdrawn it hurts. Not that she's upset with me at all, I just hate to see her sad, especially since she is normally of such a cheerful disposition. (I can say these things since you can't write back to tease me.)

I will post this in a village tomorrow. Hermes is with us, waiting for Keish to respond to Arri’s letter and it makes me wish there were more such birds. Then I could write to you more, and to Mother and Father. I'm sure they are anxious, but I dare not write them since Keish cannot enchant those letters as easily as ones to you, having nothing of them to use. I risked it once so that they would know I am safe, but I feel I should not do so again.

Take care of yourself, especially if you decide to travel.


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