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Keish- November 7, 2003

November 7, 2003
Dear Arri,

I am sorry to have caused you concern. I’m sure my father will be equally worried when he learns I’ve left. I have made Gretel promise not to tell him until he is stronger. I know I’ve been remiss in my duties, not caring for him, but I know he is in safe hands. Honestly, I’ve been trying to distance myself from him-- from everyone. I thought if I did, no one else would become a target. Obviously I was wrong.

I knew my food could be poisoned, so I stopped taking anything not prepared by Brynn. I didn’t think they would poison my father’s food. Again, I was wrong, and the mistake nearly cost my father’s life. I had to leave-- everyone should be safe with me gone. Jace might not have been, considering the rumors and what I think is going on, so he had to come too. I know it will probably make the rumors worse, but we will not be there to be pawns.

I’m sure you will notice the difference in writing-- I am too agitated to write, so I am dictating while Jace writes. I’m pacing around the clearing like a caged animal, for that’s how I feel.
There is so much to tell, I don’t know where to begin…

Our journey thus far has been uneventful. We haven’t been pushing hard, but just enjoying (to what little extent is possible) the journey. If the circumstances were different, I would be enjoying it immensely. We have seen so many little villages and met so many kind people. We are careful not to give our real names, but are traveling as fortune tellers.

I know Gretel told you some about my powers. They are growing daily and I have surpassed Brynn, though only in power, not in understanding or wisdom. Gretel told you I am able to communicate with them, didn’t she? I am able to not only have visions and dreams but to enter the dreams of others to speak with them. I can only communicate this way with Brynn, since to intrude in the dreams of anyone without visionary power could be very dangerous for them. Talking with Brynn allows me to get information to and from everyone.

Gretel said she told you of her suspicions that all of the rumors and such around the castle had to do with a cycle coming to a close and that I should be with child. She’s right, but those who see it that way have misinterpreted the prophecy. I know now what it is, or at least what part of it was. A child was prophesied whose powers would be unmatched-- unrivaled. The fairies would naturally want this child; it is the one they would choose from that generation. But the prophecy stated that the child would be needed here, in our world. This prophecy is the heart of my mother’s murder. If she was killed she could not have that child-- and now if I’m killed I cannot. But the time is approaching that the child will be needed, and no child has been born. A child was conceived, but the pregnancy was cut short. My mother was pregnant when she was killed, Arri. I don’t think anyone knew, so I think she was just killed to prevent the eventuality of a child.
With all that, I don’t know what else to say. I intended this to be a much longer letter, but it took so much to get that out, that I can’t seem to say anything else.

Give my love to Uncle W.-- I know he doesn’t agree with how I handle things, but I know what I’m doing.

I think he knows the other half of the prophecy. See what you can get him to tell you. This paper is enchanted again, so he won’t be able to read it. Tell him whatever you feel is appropriate.
Oh! I’m glad you’ve sort of found your father! I’m sure we will find a way to help him.
I’m sorry, I just can’t get more out right now. I’m still having a hard time with what I’ve learned.

Stay safe
Love always


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