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Jace's Letters Home- November 13-15, 2003

November 13, 2003
Dear Taty,

I'm sorry I can't write you more often. I'm sure Brynn is keeping you informed, though. Not that there's much to tell. Thus far we've done little but tell fortunes in a few villages. With a little dramatic flair, I manage to line up several people for Keish to read their palms.

We charge as little as possible, for many of these people have next to nothing. The first day we felt ashamed when we realized how little people have. We're used to the beggars and the poor in Adya, of course, from spending time in the city, but somehow we thought that people who worked the land and such would have more. We were wrong.

There are, naturally, those who are better off. Keish was indignant at the realization we had in one village that the couple of well off families were so because they were cheating the poor. Keish charged them more and then gave the money to some poor children.

Of course, even the well-off seem to have little compared to our lives. We thought we were prepared for that knowledge, but we are reminded daily how easy our lives have been.
Keish has been trying very hard to control her magic since we do not know if it can be used to trace us. She sometimes lapses however, and uses it without realizing it. For example, when she drops something she simply holds her hand over it and it returns. She doesn't often even notice what she's done. Under different circumstances, I'd find it quite funny.

I hope you're doing well. I'm sure Gretel and Brynn and grateful for your help. Keish says to thank you for looking after her father.

Keep safe and tell Liop I miss him, as I do you.

November 15, 2003
Dear Mother and Father,

I am sorry if I've caused you concern, but I hope you will understand how important it was for me to accompany Lakeisha. Please forgive me for running off without sending you word.
We spend our days traveling and occasionally tell fortunes in the villages we come to. I cannot say much about our direction of travel for fear that this letter may fall into the wrong hands.

There may still be some danger to us, but we are safe for now. Of course you know that if anything were to happen I will defend Lakeisha with my life. I would not have you worry, though, We do not believe it will come to that.

I love you both.

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