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Imato, Gretel, Liop- October 25, 2003

October 25, 2003
Dear Arri,

After considerable study, Prince Tulson and I have determined the location of the rock formation you described. Try to stay near it- we are coming for you. We expect it will take us several days to reach you, but we will come in haste. Prince Tulson will be accompanying me as will his cousin, Mendel, who is recently arrived having not believed the story Lakeisha spread concerning your disappearance.

Lakeisha assures me that this pigeon, borrowed by Prince Tulson from the royal birds here, will find you but she says the spell will not last long and that this bird will return to the castle immediately upon giving you this letter.

Stay Safe,

Sorry he’s so gruff-- you know how he gets when he’s worried, and he certainly is that. He is, of course, holding Keish responsible, but she ignores him when she is with us. She has been quite withdrawn, so that is not often. I hope you will be glad they are coming to find you-- they won’t allow Keish or I to come. Jace is remaining with us, and naturally so are Brynn and Taty. Since Jace is almost the only one Keish will respond to, we decided that was for the best. Brynn says to let her alone, but I am worried. I do not wish to worry you, though. Liop, of course, is being left behind as well, which he is unhappy about.

I am sending some things for you with Imato. I thought you’d be happy to see some fresh clothing. I made up a package of fruits and herbs as well, and healing herbs that Brynn says you will know how to use if you just trust your instincts. She says you are the only one to take care of Glory right now.

Hope all is well with you.

Arri, Imato says I have to stay here-- and Keish agrees. She threatened to turn me into a fire newt and put me in a bowl on a shelf if I did not promise to stay. I wish I could see you but Imato says he will bring you back soon.


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